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Wedding photography in Madrid

It's the happiest day of your life and you want to keep those memories forever.

It is important that you have a professional and serious photography service for this occasion, who will will not happen again.

Capturing those once-in-a-lifetime moments requires experience.

What do we do to make your memories stick?

Coordination with your wedding planner

Coordination with your wedding planner

Professional multi-camera photography

Professional multi-camera photography

Wedding and pre-wedding video recording

Wedding and pre-wedding video recording

Editing and post-production of the material

Editing and post-production of the material

We want you to remember the best moments

Our job is to be at the right moment that needs to be photographed. This is achieved thanks to the experience we have in weddings.

We coordinate with you and your wedding planner

We know perfectly well that the key to success in a wedding is the coordination between the different teams. We integrate with them to perfection.

We know it is a unique day

Having worked on so many weddings, we know that nothing can go wrong. Nothing that happens can be repeated and that's why we go 100% for your wedding.

We also record and edit your wedding video.

Why choose us?

Highly experienced in weddings

Weddings have particularities that are important to know. The order of events, the key moments, etc. You need to know very well how a wedding works in order not to miss any detail to be photographed.

Effective communication with the bride and groom

We don't want you to have to worry about anything on your wedding day. For this we need to organise ourselves beforehand and understand what you want. This can only be achieved through communication.


Our team of photographers has hundreds of weddings behind them. This allows us to be always at the right moment to immortalize it.

Technical team

We have the latest technology in photo and video cameras, editing and post-production so that the final result is the best.

We have been chosen for several years as the best photographers in the portal.  Sub Heading

Recommended on

Nicoleta Lupu, winner Wedding Awards 2020

Nicoleta Lupu, winner Wedding Awards 2021

Nicoleta Lupu, winner Wedding Awards 2022

Corporate Events

We work in all types of corporate events such as:

  • Fairs
  • Press conferences
  • Presentations
  • Award ceremonies
  • Cocktails
  • Conferences

Frequently asked questions

What is your style?

Our style is photojournalisticWe like spontaneity in the photos and try to intervene as little as possible. The most important thing is that the bride and groom feel free and very comfortable with us so that they can be themselves, always with a lot of humour and having a great time so we can take the best photos on such an exciting day. We like to look for the unexpected moment, to give a different point of view.

On your wedding day, we help you with posing and offer suggestions only if necessary. We have experience in churches and places with low light and on bright sunny days.. Nothing is really a challenge for us, we create art with what we are given, that's the fun part of wedding photography, so contact us and if we have availability for your date we will be happy to be your wedding photographers!

How far in advance should I reserve my date?

If you want a good photographer, the sooner the better. Weddings tend to be concentrated in a few months, so even if it's with us or another photographer, as soon as you are sure about it, book the date and that way you can make sure that the photographer you like is available and you also get one very important thing out of the way. Planning is a very important part of the wedding photography.

How do we hire you?

First of all we will have a face to face meeting (or video call if we are far away) where we will talk about your day, what you expect, our work and clarify all your doubts. It is also very important for us to get to know you, to understand you, to have good chemistry.

If after our meeting you have decided to hire us, we will see together which is the best package for your wedding and we will send you the contract for you to sign and together with the 50% payment we will reserve the date. With the reservation of the date we close the agenda for that day for you.

The next and final payment will be made when we have the material ready (approximately one month after the wedding) and only when you have seen it all and have shed a few tears of emotion.

At what time will you be present at my wedding?

In the one you tell us and depending on the chosen pack. We help you to decide, it depends if you want us to take photos of the preparations, if you have to go to several places, etc. We usually stay for about an hour after your dance because sometimes there doesn't need to be any proof of what happened 🙂

Is it necessary to hire a second photographer/camera?

Not compulsory but depending on the size and complexity of the wedding we recommend hiring two photographers to cover 100% your event. Different angles, different points of view and the most important thing: while one photographer is dedicated to taking the "necessary" photos, the other is looking for art, spontaneity, details and emotions. The same goes for video.

What happens if the photographer gets sick or something comes up and can't make it to my wedding?

You always have to be prepared for any situation. The advantage of being a team is that there is always someone among our colleagues who can take our place while maintaining the same photographic style.

Do you have insurance?

We are professional photographersThere is no other way to work.

We don't like to pose, will we have to do it on the wedding day?

We hate posing if it doesn't come naturally, we only ask for 15 minutes (and only if it's okay with both of you) alone after the ceremony in a nice location where you can be without the guests and we let you interact quietly, don't worry, you will be super relaxed after you have said "yes". We will exploit those tender moments with all our art and affection.

Can we give you a list of the "must see" photos?

What we always recommend is that you appoint someone who knows you both very well so that you can organise the people for the photos you want to take. It doesn't always happen that the whole family will be there and also well dressed and arranged, so if you want to, go for those group photos and make grandma happy!

Although they should only be done with the most intimate friends and family, if all the guests start taking photos with the bride and groom, you will be the first to get tired and fed up with the photos. Going with a list would slow down the photographer's work, it would take away spontaneity and creativity, it would become technical and that's not our style.

What team do you work with?

We work with the latest high-end Canon equipment.We always carry 2 cameras with double cards, on the one hand to make sure that in case of a problem with one we always have the other one at hand and on the other hand each camera carries different lenses that will give different approaches and perspectives of the same moment,

We always download the photos as soon as we get home and make 4 different copies of your wedding, one in the cloud and one on an external server, no measure is too much to protect such valuable material. We like to sleep peacefully 🙂

How do you usually establish relationships with your boyfriends/clients?

Always with a previous meeting, more than a meeting it is a friends meeting, with their beers and everything 🙂 and if there is the opportunity to do a pre-wedding, that relaxes 100% the bride and groom.

What are your rates?

If you want to know our rates contact us by email, Whatsapp or through our contact form and we will answer you immediately and without any obligation.

Are all photos edited?

Absolutely, yes. One by one, we never work in batches, each photo has its own edition. Depending on the pack you choose, you will receive x number of photos. We take the selection work very seriously, we keep the best photos of each moment.

Where are you located and where are you willing to travel?

We are based in Madrid but cover weddings and events all over Europe and sometimes the United States or Asia. We go wherever we are invited, we travel frequently for work and we adapt to the local culture wherever we go. We speak several languages and love cultural diversity.

Travel costs are not included in the packs, depending on the location. We can take care of finding a plane, train, hotel, etc. to take some of the stress away from you.

Do you also offer video services for weddings?

Yes, our camera partners have a lot of experience in weddings, they perform drone weddings and they also have a background in film.

How many photos will we receive in black and white?

Approximately 20% will be black and white photosWe consider that photographically they look very good but if you have another editing preference (without black and white or more than 20%) do not hesitate to let us know in the client form that you will receive a few weeks before the wedding and we will adapt 100% to your needs.

What is the big challenge when it comes to photographing love?

That the models feel comfortable, confident that we are not an intruder in their intimate moments.

When do we consider that we have done an excellent job?

We like to think that our work has reached its goal when the bride and groom cry (or almost cry if they are the tough ones :)) when they see the final photos, when they don't know which photos to keep because they love them all and when we have in one wedding more than 5 photographs that are for exhibition.

What is our greatest source of inspiration when photographing a wedding?

We pay a lot of attention to the details, the mimicry and how the bride and groom and the other participants in the wedding manage their emotions.

What do you think is the hardest part of our job?

The hardest thing is the timetable, weekends one after the other, going to bed very late. And the selection of the work afterwards, if you want to do a great job only good selection and editing will guarantee it, people don't see that the photographer's work has only started when you finish taking the photos.

Any advice for brides and grooms who want to get the perfect wedding day photographs?

What we can advise them to do is really enjoy the dayI want them not to be so focused on the guests but on each other, that they feel that it's their moment and that the good photos come out by themselves. All weddings have the possibility of taking good photos, it has to do with the place and the environment of course, but more than anything with how much fun the bride and groom are having. The attitude of the guests is often a reflection of that of the bride and groom, so... Let's have fun together!

Do you have a special package for the bride and groom?

We have a pack with two photographers and two cameras with pre-wedding and post-wedding included which will make the wedding report is very complete.

What words define our work as photographers?

Restlessness, passion, empathy, happiness, fun.

Can we see opinions from other brides and grooms?

You can see our testimonials section and you can also visit us at where you can find more wedding testimonials. We have received the award of "Wedding Awards 2020, 2021 and 2022 as it is one of the most important top rated photography services of the portal.

Wedding photography service

If you are getting married, you are about to embark on a life-changing journey. Not a day will go by after your ceremony that you will not be affected in some way by this decision. It is truly something special to find the one who will make you happy and grow old with you.

Now that the euphoria of that decision has faded, at least a little, you may find that you have a lot to do to plan your big day. If you've been looking for wedding photography serviceIf you do not have the time, you are likely to feel a bit overwhelmed.

All websites dedicated to wedding photo and video capabilities will present their best work, so it is difficult to know which one is best for you.

What is wedding photography?

Wedding photography is a niche area of photography that focuses on capturing the events of the wedding day. It also usually includes an engagement shoot, boudoir photos and wedding preparations.

The actual photo session lasts from the beginning of the ceremony until the end, often until the middle of the night.

Recording a couple's happiest day is truly motivating and uplifting. At every wedding, you can experience a different love story and capture the couple's love for each other.

At the same time, it is quite a stressful and demanding job. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event for the couple, so you can't miss a single important moment of the day. You have to be everywhere all the time and provide quality service all day long, with hardly any time to rest.

Importance of wedding photography

Without a doubt, the most significant part of the wedding is the couple and that's all that matters at the end of the day. However, when it comes to planning the big day, you need to have prior conversations with a host of suppliers for everything from food to flowers.

At this point, you should also open a space to consider the hiring of the wedding photography service. Capturing the best moments of one of the most important days of your life is not an easy task. 

Many couples spend most of their budget on other aspects of the wedding and at the end of the event end up with photos that definitely don't look anything like the memory they would like to postpone.

Wedding photography styles

With regard to weddings, these days there are a lot of styles that can be adapted to the couple's ideas as well as to the photographer's own approach. Some of the most common styles for wedding photography are:

Classic or traditional

These are normally formal pictures taken at eye level. Think of the family and wedding party portraits you would put in a photo album. 

While the term traditional may have a negative connotation, this style of photography stands the test of time because of its classic look, and it is common for at least some of your wedding photos to be taken this way.


Photojournalism, also known as documentaryis one of the most popular styles of wedding photography, and for good reason. While the true definition differs from photographer to photographer, these are often candid shots that make you feel like you're immersed in the event as it happens in real time.


The basis of dark wedding photography is using light to create drama. This light can be natural, such as from the sun, or produced with lighting equipment brought in for the big day.

The photographer is likely to play with sharp lines created by shadow and light. This is a very cinematic style of wedding photography. These photos are also often enhanced in the editing process to give an even more dramatic feel.


Old-style photos can be achieved in different ways, including the use of a film camera. In addition, special filters that attach to the lens of a digital camera and post-production processes in editing.

 When it comes to editing photos to give them a vintage feel, the photographer will do things like adding grain and enhancing brown tones with sepia colour.

Because editing is such an important part of vintage wedding photography, make sure your photographer is experienced and comfortable in this genre so you can get the perfect nostalgic looking photos.


Aerial style wedding photography is exactly what it sounds like. It is about photos taken from a high point. For this, the photographer uses the existing levels of the wedding venue, ladders and even drones to capture your big day from above. 

If this is something you want, be sure to ask the photographer, because it involves additional equipment.

Why is it so important to hire a professional wedding photographer?

Wedding photography is important because immortalise your day, capture your memories, tell a story, and not just any story.will tell a beautiful story of your special day, a day you will never forget. A story you can show to your friends and family, your children and grandchildren, something you will have and treasure forever.

You see, your flowers will wilt, your cake will be quickly eaten, your invitations will be thrown in the trash after the day, your dress will be worn once, those shoes will go back in their box, etc. Everything will pass from that day and only the memories and the best photos you were able to capture will remain.

What aspects to consider when choosing a wedding photography service?

If you have already decided to leave your wedding photos in the hands of professionals, it is time to know what aspects you should consider before choosing a photographer. Some of these important tips are mentioned below.

They are much more than a person taking pictures

When choosing your photographer, don't just choose on the basis of the value and services included.

Their work must match your style, you must know that you can trust themIf you feel relaxed and at ease with them, all these things will make your day easier and your photos better and more natural.

You'll end up with stunning photographs

Wherever you see a wedding photographer, you will see many beautiful photos, a variety of stunning shots that will catch your eye and leave you in awe. This is great and you should find a photographer whose work you will love and marvel at.

When viewing a photographer's work, be sure to view the complete albums, either online or in hard copy. This is to make sure that you are sure that all of the work you have the photos are impressive and the quality is exceptional at all times. A good photographer can take stunning photos, a great wedding photographer can tell a story through beautiful photos.

No amateur photos

Whether it's your uncle or a friend on the road, wedding photography is more than just a camera. Just because they have an expensive camera doesn't mean they have the experience and knowledge to go and capture a wedding.

They may love photography, going out on weekends to capture landscapes or pictures of the kids playing in the park; however, when it comes to weddings, it's a dynamic event.

The camera is only a tool and a means to capture the moment, skill, knowledge and experience is the key to wedding photography.

You only have one chance, hire professionals

Remember that you only get one chance when it comes to your wedding photos and after it's all over, the photos are the only thing that will stay with you forever. In that sense, you should make sure you hire the best wedding photography service you can afford.

It's an investment you'll be glad you made years later when you look back on your wedding album and relive those special moments.

Wedding photography is about unique moments. This type of photography focuses on being able to relive the day through beautiful captures, that is smiling at moments you didn't even know happened, seeing the emotion on the faces of your family and friends and above all having a story to tell for years to come is priceless.