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Video for events and companies in Madrid

Professional video recording, reporting and editing services for companies and events of all kinds.

Whether it's an event, a commercial or a report about your company, we can do it.

We do not miss any detail and on delivery time is immediate.

Video and event reporting

We document your entire event on video to show it to the world.

Advertising videos

We record, edit and post-produce your video or advertising spot.

Other types of video projects

Tell us your needs and we will advise you to make it perfect.

Why choose us?

Highly experienced in video recording and production

We work on complex projects with major brands. This has allowed us to forge a unique professional experience.

Effective customer communication

It is important to know and understand the needs of each person we work with. This way, we will know what you want to tell with the video.


We have 100% qualified staff. Cameramen, editors and post-production technicians, so that your video has a professional result.

Technical team

We work with the latest technology in photography cameras, videos, drones, etc. to be able to make the best shots in the recording of your video.

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Corporate Events

We work in all types of corporate events such as:

  • Fairs
  • Press conferences
  • Presentations
  • Award ceremonies
  • Cocktails
  • Conferences

Video service for events

Event video production is a great way to help capture the memories of your special event. Whether you're organising an intimate gathering or a large conference, live streaming events can be extremely beneficial for businesses. 

In this respect, it is always important to have the best possible video service for events and ensure that all important moments can be recorded for posterity.

What is event video production?

The event video service is the process of filming events such as conferences, trade fairs, meetings and other occasions. special social or corporate events. 

Event videographers use specialised equipment to capture the highlights of these events. They then use the content for promotional videos. They also sometimes provide extensive coverage of the entire event for live broadcast.

This footage can be used to raise brand awareness and promote the company or organisation through social media. In addition, on news networks or directly on your website. 

A professionally filmed promotional video of your event can help you create positive exposure for your company. It serves as social proof that establishes credibility and instills brand confidence.

What kind of events should you film?

The usefulness of event video is quite broad and is applicable for almost any type of eventuality whenever you want it. Below, we list some of the most common events for which you might need to get footage recorded. 

Award ceremonies

Event filming for awards ceremonies is an excellent way to capturing the glitz, elegance and prestige of an event. Award ceremony videos are ideal for promoting an event and keeping a lasting record of guests' achievements. 

Nominees and award winners will be able to share this special memory with their customers, friends and family, expanding their online audience and reach.

And if you choose to film the event live, nominees and award winners who can't attend won't miss out. This way, they can follow the event as it unfolds, or watch the footage later.

Open days or career days

Open days for interns or universities allow organisations to open their doors. This provides people with the opportunity to experience first-hand what it would be like to be part of such a company or school

This can be filmed in a number of interesting ways, by talking directly to the people at the event in an interview format. Additionally, it can be done by filming images of the events and the location, or by moving the camera, as if it were attached to a person at the event. 

You can also choose to live stream the event to help promote and generate excitement around the day's activities, encouraging people nearby to visit your event.

Public speaking conferences and events

A professional video of your conference or public speaking event can provide a complete picture of the issues you wish to share with those who were unable to attend.

It can also be used to promote your company's message to potential future guests, customers and new audiences. The video production of events can even include exclusive interviews with guests and speakers, event photography, video editing for multiple uses, etc.

Training presentation

Filming training presentation events allows the company to share educational content and how-to videos internally or externally with potential customers. 

Whether it's an HSE presentation designed to educate the team or a product demonstration to help potential customers better understand the offerings, event videography services can help you get the most out of your presentation by capturing it on film so you can share it with a wider audience.

Grand openings and revelations

If you are planning an event for promoting the grand opening of a new companyIf you have an additional branch, a showroom or a property, it is definitely an event worth filming. You can use the footage in a PR campaign, sending it to various media outlets with a story about your event.

You may even want to use it in a social media or advertising campaign for your business, to spread your news to the widest possible audience. Recording this event allows you to capture an important milestone for your business that can be shared internally or with your customers.

Public relations and publicity events

When planning a publicity event, you want to ensure that it reaches the widest possible audience. Without a doubt, video is the ideal medium to achieve such exposure. An event videographer can help you share your message in an engaging way that captures the attention of viewers and keep it there.

Sporting events

The sporting events are a big part of event videography.. All major sporting events are filmed and shared online. This is a great way to share sport with fans and gain support and advertising revenue.

Why should I consider hiring a video service for events?

When it comes to planning an event, there is a lot to consider. As a result, you will need to select a reliable event video production services that can accurately reflect your brand, maintain a tight timeline and capture the event seamlessly.

 You need the cinematic aspect of your event to run smoothly and effectively if you want to reach as many people as possible with the live stream event, create the ideal impression with a highlight film or produce high quality video content for your social media channels.