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Photos of Communions in Madrid

A communion is a very special and important event in life. You'll be glad you kept the memory forever.

We will photograph the key moments so that you can enjoy the memory forever.

How do we make the best ones at a communion?

Photography and video specialising in communions

Photography and video specialising in communions

Mobile photo studio

Mobile photo studio

Editing and post-production of the material

Editing and post-production of the material

Remember communion forever

It is a special moment for your whole family and children. Having this memory professionally captured will make all the difference.

We will bring out the best in you

There are key moments during the communion that must be photographed, but we will also capture the best moments of your guests.

Professional result

Keeping photographs taken with a mobile phone is not the same. Having good photographs will mark the quality of your memories.

Why choose us for your children's communion?

Great experience in communion photography

Having special experience in communions is essential, as we know the key points of this type of event and we will advise you based on our experience.

Effective communication

In order to get the result you are looking for and to have an experience of 100, it is important to know you well and empathise with you.


We have a team of photographers who love what they do and seek to photograph the best memories.

Technical team

We have the best technology to take the best photographs. We also have a mobile photo studio that allows us to take pictures anywhere.

Corporate Events

We work in all types of corporate events such as:

  • Fairs
  • Press conferences
  • Presentations
  • Award ceremonies
  • Cocktails
  • Conferences

Photography service for communions

Photographing moments such as a first communion can be overwhelming. However, hiring the photography service for communions can greatly reduce the stress of capturing the best moments of such a special day for your children.

Without a doubt, a professional photographer can take care of photographing truly important moments before, during and after the ceremony that you can look back on over time in a photo album.

Useful tips for capturing the best first communion photos

Whether you hire a photographer to document the occasion, it is important to consider some useful tips for capturing this moment because having more photos and better looking photos is always a good thing.

Searching for light

If you plan to capture the ceremony or even some portraits in the sanctuary, be prepared for limited light. Many churches have very poor lighting by photographers' standards.

When you are in church, look for where the light is.. The best places are usually windows and doors where light enters. These are the places you should try to use for interior photos.

You'll want your child to stand in front of the light rather than have the light at their back. Often, light marble floors act as a reflector and the light bounces off and fills their face in a really nice way.

Find nice looking places outdoors

If you are nervous about tackling the lighting in the church, plan to take your first communion photos outside. Many churches have beautiful green areas around them that are perfect locations for portraits. For ideas, you can search for images of the church and wedding to see what locations other photographers like.

Just like indoors, you will want to look for the light. Try to avoid a bright, sunny location. That will give you squinting eyes. Try to find a shady spot. It will be more pleasing to the eye and will help your images to have beautiful colours. If you are on the positive side, you should have your child and any other subjects stand with their backs to the sun. That will be a great help.

Attention to detail

When capturing a milestone like this, there are so many cool details that can adding richness to your child's story. Be sure to capture them. Rosaries, a prayer book. Their little tie or their little veil.

You can capture them in your child's hand, on the bench or even in the playground. And objects are much easier to photograph because they stay perfectly still. Also, pay attention to the little moments with the family. 

Mum giving the last blessing before the service, grandmother giving a hug. Remember that these milestones are not just about capturing the formal portrait, but about recording family memories of the day.

Importance of first communion photography

The communion photography is a precious moment to capture the personality of those children who are growing up.. It is the end of the most childish, most innocent and tender stage of their lives. To remember them always like this is priceless, and to take advantage of such a beautiful moment as their first communion is to see the illusion and joy in their eyes.

Do you remember the day of your communion? For children, the day of their first communion is a very important day, full of excitement and fun. But it is not only that day, it is a time when parents live together with their children the nerves and everything that the communion entails, such as preparations, photographic reportage, decoration, costumes and dresses.

In the first communion photo sessions, the team of professional photographers make the children feel as comfortable as possible, make them laugh, have fun, enjoy themselves and have a good time.

All of this with a natural style that is appropriate for such a special day for children as the day of their first communion. A professional photography service has various scenarios on which to make the photo sessions.

Why hire a photography service for communions?

The communion photographers are specialists in taking photographs with personality.They are very original and different, they do their work with special interest and affection when it comes to children. The objectives of the photographic reports of first communion are to photograph children with their sweetness, naturalness, spontaneity and energy.

In addition, the communion photos convey authentic feelings and emotions. The photographers capture the elegant side of the children making them feel special and protagonists in every moment.

The role of the first communion photographer, apart from taking the photos, is to motivate the little ones in the house to bring out their tenderness and innocence as children and to show their true selves.

Make your child's first communion a permanent event in time

Because the only thing that remains after the time of communion is the memory, it is possible to make that time an unforgettable time, one that remains in the memory forever and is remembered with great affection.

Undoubtedly, if you want to have the best captures of your special event, you should not overlook the opportunity of hiring an photography service for communions. In this way, you can be guaranteed of a quality work with the compilation of the best moments of your child's first communion.