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Real estate and architectural photography in Madrid

We photograph spaces so that your clients will want to live in them.

In the real estate and architectural industry, it is first and foremost through images and videos that clients are reached first and foremost.

We make sure that your customers have the best impressions when viewing a property. We collaborate with luxury magazines to make your property look its best.

What services do we offer?

Professional photography

Professional photography

Video recording and reporting

Video recording and reporting

360° tour of the property

360° tour of the property

Editing and post-production of the material

Editing and post-production of the material

All types of real estate

We take photographs of any kind of property. Houses, hotels, mansions, yachts, etc.

Immediate delivery of the material

We deliver the edited and ready-to-publish material very quickly.

Why choose us?

High experience in real estate projects

It is very important to have experience to carry out this type of event. There are many details to take into account and after many years, we have all this under control.

Effective customer communication

It is important to know and understand the needs of each company we work with. We believe this is the only way to convey the key features of the property to your clients.


We have professionals dedicated to every part of the photography and video process. Photographers, camera operators, editors, etc.

Technical team

We work with the latest technology in photography cameras, videos, drones, etc. in order to capture every quality of the property.

We have collaborated with the following entities

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Caixa Bank
unnamed (2)
Roca Junyent
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Corporate Events

We work in all types of corporate events such as:

  • Fairs
  • Press conferences
  • Presentations
  • Award ceremonies
  • Cocktails
  • Conferences

Real estate and architectural photography service

Although it may seem to many to be exactly the same thing, the interior design photography, real estate and architectural are not one and the same style. They are completely opposite technical tasks that require the work of professional photographers who can make the most of each scenario.

Don't know exactly what you need? Contact a supplier of real estate and architectural photography service and ask for all professional assistance.

Leave your projects in the hands of professionals

Do you have a property you want to sell, a project to captivate your potential clients, do you understand the importance and power of photography to capture people's attention, then you definitely need an real estate and architectural photography service!

The expertise of a professional photographer encompasses real estate, rental, interior and architectural, commercial and hotel photography that adds value to your business. The main objective is to make your clients fall in love with real estate at first sight.

Therefore, the price of photographing these residences should pay off immediately, making each image an incentive, a wonderful push towards the goals and expectations exceeded by both parties.

Whether it is a real estate or commercial photo shoot, a formal company takes into account the charm and good taste that is always present in a remarkable design.

What is architectural photography?

Architectural photography is the sub-genre of the photographic discipline in which the main emphasis is on capturing photographs of buildings and architectural structures. The use of similar aesthetically pleasing and accurate in terms of representations of their subjects.

Architectural photographers are often experts in the use of specialised techniques and cameras to produce truly specialised photographs.

The architectural photography service is aimed at architecture, interior design and renovation studios that need to show their projects in an attractive and inspiring way and following the visual concept of the company.      

Architectural photography shows the characteristics of the project, its finishes and lines, its decoration possibilities and helps to create a detailed vision of the property.

Real estate photography

The the aim of real estate photography is to sell houses. Real estate agents are always on the lookout for unique styles that will catch the eye of potential clients.

This sub-genre of photos is derived from commercial photography. They tend to occur more frequently near more commercial areas.

Photographic reports are used to promote the sale and rental of flats, houses and buildings. Real estate photography shows the characteristics of the property, its finishes, its decoration possibilities and helps to create a vision of the layout of the rooms.

The reports include photographs of the interior of the property, details, common areas and the surroundings of the property.

Differences between real estate and architectural photography

The real estate photography is a subset of architectural photography. and, for most projects, an optimised workflow is usually offered in the form of a fixed-price package.

This is especially the case if you want a standard real estate property to be photographed. For special and luxury properties, the requirements often change.

Real estate photos have a short life cycle, only for the purpose of selling the property and tailored to the needs of a real estate agent. However, there is a difference between standard properties and luxury properties with regard to how you wish to present them.

For a luxury property, I recommend deciding on an architectural shoot that adds different angles and frame compositions, follows trends and patterns.

Architects, interior designers, magazines, builders and other professions want the photos for their portfolio, marketing or publication purposes. Therefore, the images have a different purpose, a different audience, a longer life cycle and a different emphasis.

The issues at stake

The time allotted for real estate photography and architectural photography is different.The focus is different, the composition and angles are different, and the level of detail and personalisation is different.

Architectural photography projects are fully customisable, whereas standard real estate photography (as a cost-effective fixed-price package) follows a streamlined process and structure.

Of course, you can still add and customise a Real Estate session. However, once your customisation changes the scope and time required, the project becomes more expensive and may head in the direction of architectural photography.

Forgettable vs. non-forgettable images

Think of advertising or magazines. It is your brand, quality and style that should appear in a single photo or a series of photos.

Even when the scope of the project is only a single exterior shot (also known as the hero's signature shot), it may take a day or two of work to achieve.

Of course, not all projects require this much time, but if planning, production and post-production are required to be in an advanced format, it cannot be done in a few hours.

Some of these images can be used for all major brands and advertisements. In addition, it is possible for the company to make millions from your product, brand image. Which then makes it worthwhile to commission a high-end photo shoot. Remember that a photo represents the brand.

Especially in advertising and brochures, most of the time you look at modified images (post-production compositions) and feel the difference without thinking that it looks unreal (what would be a standard photo with excessive editing).

Contact a real estate and architectural photography service company

A picture says more than a thousand words. Real estate and architectural photography is about creating captivating images. And the goal is that these images can make the sale of a property possible and worth billions of dollars.