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You are very ambitious and you know that you are more than capable of achieving everything you set out to do and more. But you know that for that to happen you need to show the world your best version, how else will they know?

Your image sells

You have a very powerful message to convey and once you have your images full of strength and self-confidence, there will be no stopping for you. After passing in front of our camera, with Nicoleta, who is the expert in personal branding photography, you will feel ready to present your image online to the whole world.

Hundreds of people have shared their success stories with Nicoleta Lupu, because they have conveyed such a powerful message thanks in part to the image they have given.

See below what some of our customers are saying:

book de fotos profesional

We are specialised in premium personal branding photography and take care of your image holistically (photography and styling) to achieve your (and indirectly our!) success. It is essential that your clients trust you, photos are a means of presenting yourself to the world but the one that really counts is you and your personal branding.

asesoria de imagen personal y corporativa

The quality of the final photographs will depend on:

  1.  The styling (clothes, hair, make-up, we offer personalised styling service)
  2. The (not) posing (forget about posing, it’s stressful and the result is often unnatural. We guide you all the time and show you how to best convey your message: confidence, professionalism, closeness, authority, etc.)
  3. The location 100% adapted to you, we help you find the best places to accompany the general image we are looking for.
  4. How much fun you are having (seriously, that’s the essence!)

We are in this together, you will be accompanied by “professional friends”, no matter how shy you are or how afraid you are of the camera, we assure you that you will be relaxed, the session will be very pleasant and enjoyable.

We go hand in hand throughout the process creating the image that will help you climb to where you want.

Be inspired by these wonderful entrepreneurs and then check out the packs below.

book de fotos profesional

Gallery - Personal Branding Photography

Who are you?

You are a person with a mission, committed to creating a positive impact

You are tenacious in pursuing your wildest dreams

You have seen the power of creating a strong personal brand and want to take it to the next level

You are extremely attentive to how you spend your time on this earth

You are not a follower of the pressure culture, you know that being busy does not mean being successful

You know how to enjoy your time and are interested in many different things

You are prepared to be seen and heard for real

You are curious, open and adventurous and love a challenge

Live your life on your own terms

You are 100% committed to this work that is you, you live it with great intensity and you want to make the most of it

asesoria de imagen personal y corporativa

Who am I?

I am Nicoleta, a photographer for more than 12 years in various countries and cultures, I am specialised in personal branding photography because that’s the kind of photography that is more powerful and more personal and professional benefit can bring to my clients.

Years ago, without even knowing the name of what I was doing, I helped entrepreneurs create a professional and coherent image to present to the world both online and offline. I have always been able to help my models (model=person in front of my camera) feel comfortable, relaxed, appreciated and supported.

I see beauty in everything around me and I assure you that EVERYONE of us has many beautiful things to show and tell.


Why trust me?

Because I know how to welcome you and capture your essence through observation and analysis. Because I spend a lot of time listening and really knowing you so as to help you succeed on all levels. Because I am a trained sociologist, I worked in marketing for many years as well, and psychology is what interests me most after photography and all that is a huge help in my sessions.

I consider that the best way to capture the essence and the best of the person, is by creating a good atmosphere and dedicate 100% of my attention and energy to it and that is something that fills my heart more than anything else in the world.

I also have a lot of experience in image consultancy and I can take care of your style 100% if you wish, always adapting to you, I never impose anything, it’s a dance in two so that when you see the final result you can identify yourself and be proud of the image that we create together.


How it works:

1. Contact and research (on the house)

Contact me and we will arrange a call (preferable video) to see exactly what your needs are. I invite you to a virtual coffee and we will make an investigation together: of your current image and your ideal image according to your professional profile, environment, goals, etc.

I have to know who inspires you, the purpose of the photos (book cover, web, networks, etc.) And when we are ready…

2. We organise the session

Depending on what we have decided in our investigation, we decide on the date, time and place of the session and all other details so that there are no unforeseen events and everything flows smoothly.

In order to reserve the date you will have to pay 50%. However, please book as far in advance as possible to ensure availability on the required dates.

fotos-marca-personal-nicoletalupuagency (35 of 94)
fotos-marca-personal-nicoletalupuagency (24 of 94)

3. The session

It’s time to work and have fun. Depending on the package chosen, the session can last between 2 and 6 hours and if you want to hire me as a personal shopper as well, we will meet before in a different day so that you can have everything ready on the day of the session and be well rested and relaxed.

4. The delivery of the photos

You will enjoy like a child seeing your professional photos, what I hear most often from my customers is ‚ÄúIt’s amazing, I finally see myself good in photos!” You can’t imagine how having a well done photo can improve your self-esteem and self-concept. The final retouching is always going to be very elegant and discreet and I use the best technology available in the market but what really makes the difference is that I know how to get the best out of every person that walks in front of my camera.

5. The follow-up

I would like to continue to know how you are doing, what feedback you have had from your clients, friends and family. How are you advancing with your personal branding, what are the next steps you want to take to advance, if you have been complimented, etc.

Therapists, Advisors, coaches, consultants, trainers, lawyers, psychologists, nutritionists, designers, decorators, chefs…

The society is waiting for you!

With the professional images I will help you get online and offline customers and serve the world
with your vocation.


STYLISM - PERSONAL AND CORPORATE IMAGE CONSULTANCY The aim is to train you in habits and behaviour so that you can communicate your personal brand easier and better.

You will learn to enhance your qualities.

You will gain in self-esteem and confidence

You will save time and money

u will improve your professional relations


Shopping, styling and beauty recommendations:

  • 1 hour and a half of Shopping 60¬£
  • 2 hours of Shopping 80¬£
  • 3 hours of Shopping 130¬£


  • A personalised diagnosis.
  • Defining a personal style.
  • A face and body study.
  • A colorimetry study
  • The production proposal.


I propose to visit your wardrobe and make an analysis of it, organising it, making the most of what you already have, creating new combinations and updating it


The image coach has become one of the most important specialities in the world of image and beauty. It is a step beyond what we understand by image consultancy today.

EXPRESS IMAGE COACHING 60£ (30 minutes online)

If you have an important meeting and do not know how to convey the image you want, you have an event, doubts about your hair, clothes, etc.


The aim is to train you in habits and behaviour so that you can communicate easier and better your personal brand.

You will learn to enhance your qualities. You will gain in self-esteem and confidence. You will save time and money. You will improve your professional relationships.

Do you want to take your personal brand to the next level? Let's bring your vision to life Now it's your turn to decide:



Personal brand investigation

8 edited photographs

90min in Centre of London

1 location

2 different looks

Link with the edited photos in maximum resolution

Extra services:
*make-up and hairdressing: +95£
*photo studio +95£
*styling according to needs



Personal brand investigation

15 edited photographs

3 hours in Center London

2 locations

3 different looks

Link with the edited photos in maximum resolution

Extra services:
*make-up and hairdressing: +95£
*photo studio +125£
*styling according to needs



Personal brand investigation

25 edited photographs

6 hours session London

3 locations

7-8 different looks

Link with the edited photos and another one with all the photos of
the session in maximum resolution

It is included:
*make-up and hairdressing (various
*photographic studio
*2 hours of styling

VAT and Invoice

As with all professional work, the corresponding VAT (20%) will have to be added to the rates, although any self-employed person or company will be able to deduct the expense and deduct the tax with the INVOICE that will be issued


You’ve certainly spent a lot of time and money on organising your event so now the most important thing is what’s left… the audio-visual material. The quality of this will help you sell and bring your professionalism at the highest level. Personalised budget from 100¬£.

Any questions?

No problem! Write me by whatsapp, by e-mail or call me and tell me your doubts and I will answer you as soon as possible.

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