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Photo shoot for models in Madrid

You need the best photos for your professional book.

It doesn't matter if you are an established professional or if you are just starting out in the modelling world. We know what you need.

How do we do your model book?

Photography and video specialised in books for models

Photography and video specialised in books for models

Mobile photo studio

Mobile photo studio

Editing and post-production of the material

Editing and post-production of the material

Focused on modelling professionals

This photography service is 100% focused on models and beauty professionals.

We know what you are looking for

We know what you need in your book to make an impression wherever you go.

Professional result

We know the result you are looking for, we know the industry standards and we know what works.

Why choose us to make your photo book?

Extensive experience in photographing books for actors

Contar with aa amplia experiencia conducting books for professional modelling is isatcial, pues withocemos every detail of the process y you podemos aconsejar at base a nuestra experiencia.

Effective communication

In order for you to get the best result and have an experience of 100, it is important to know yourself well and connect with you.


We have a team of photographers who love what they do and want to bring out the best in you.

Technical team

We have the best technology to take the best photographs. We also have a mobile photo studio that allows us to take pictures anywhere.

Corporate Events

We work in all types of corporate events such as:

  • Fairs
  • Press conferences
  • Presentations
  • Award ceremonies
  • Cocktails
  • Conferences

Frequently asked questions

Photo book service for models

A photo book for models and agencies is what you need if you want to sign up with a modeling agency anywhere in the world. Are you afraid of not being up to the task? Don't hesitate to contact a good model and agency supplier. photo book service for models. The first impression they get of you at a modelling agency can be the beginning of your path to success or it can be the last chance you get in life for a long time. This is why you should attach great importance to the model and agency photo book you present to them.

Do you want to be a professional model but don't know where to start?

If this is your first modeling book and you don't know what kind of photos are the most valued by the agencies. If you have no idea how to pose for a camera to look as spectacular as possible or if you don't know which photographer to choose, don't despair! You simply need to take a little time to locate the best ones. choice of photographers so that they can bring out the best in you and express it in your photos. A good photography company is made up of professional photographers, hairdressers, make-up artists and stylists with extensive experience in the profile that modeling agencies are looking for. The confidence in their work will give you the certainty of presenting a photo book for models that will seduce them and invite them to call you.

What is a photo book?

A photo book, also known as a reportage, consists of a series of photographs taken with a very professional quality. Models, influencers, actresses and actors use their books to show the world their best side.

Do you live off your image?

It's clear that the quality that a specialised influencer or instagrammer photographer brings to a photo shoot has a big influence on your chances of landing that dream job.

Types of photography books for models

In relation to the photo book service for models the number of options for good photos that can help you achieve your goals are many. Some of these are listed below.

Outdoor photo books

Recreate a variety of unconventional poses and immortalise your image in the most original outdoor settings. Choose the location or let the photographer choose the best natural settings to make the most of your modelling skills.

Studio photo books

If you have no experience in posing and want a quick, versatile and economical book, you can do your photo shoot in the studio. With only four changes of clothes and a wide variety of styles you can get the most attractive and original results.

Photos that can't be missed in model books

Agencies like photos of models that show off their versatility of the model and its ability to express itself. They also like to see how well the model can tell a story or portray a feeling or emotion in their photos. Here is a list of the essential elements you should have in your book and tips on how to make them perfect.

A photograph of beauty 

A beauty shot is a colour photograph of the model's face, usually from the shoulders up. The purpose of a beauty shot is to show the model in her most natural stateThis allows the agency or client to see exactly what the model looks like without a lot of make-up and hair styling. Make-up, hairstyles and jewellery should be kept to a minimum. Editorial models do not usually smile in a beauty shot. A commercial photo can be a little more relaxed than a typical beauty shot. Commercial close-ups can be taken in black and white or in colour. A beauty shot or commercial headshot should always be the first photo in a model's book.

A full-length photograph

The next photo in a model's book should be a full body shot. This shot allows the client to see the model's proportions and body type. Clothing should be close-fitting and simple. The model should not wear long dresses, skirts or too many layers, as this will be distracting and cover up exactly what the agents and clients are trying to see.

Swimming costume photography

When taking a swimming costume photo, it is important to always think about the message you are sending. Remember that female fashion models sell clothes to women, not menSo female models want to be sexy, but not overtly sexual. Male models can be photographed in swimming costumes or pants.

Fashion editorial photography

Now that you have a photo that highlights your beauty, a full body photo and a swimming costume photo, you can have some fun. The photos in the middle of your book can be a little more creative. Try to show agents and clients your ability to move and express yourself in your photos.

A smiling photograph

If you don't have a smiling photo somewhere in the middle of your book, then make sure you add a good smiling headshot. The agents and customers want to see your smile and, specifically, your teeth.. It's okay if you don't have perfect teeth. Commercial models don't need to worry about having perfect teeth either. Agents and clients simply want to see what they are working with.

A strong closing photo

Ends always with one of your strongest photos. Another great beauty or head shot that is a little different from your opening shot can work perfectly here. Most people only remember the first and last shots in their book, so make sure these shots are the strongest.

Model books are a work in progress

The goal of a great model book is not simply to fill it with a bunch of photos. A model's book should tell a story about who the model is, their brand and the direction the model is taking in their career. It is much better to have three or four good photos than 10 mediocre photos and to get the best photos that can lead to success, the best option is always to hire professionals.