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Gastronomic Photography in Madrid

Food comes in through the eyes, we all know that. A good image and it's very likely to be a success.

Whether you have a restaurant, a food brand or any other business related to gastronomy, we we can make your products look perfect and appetising.

What gastronomic photography services do we offer?

Professional photography

Professional photography

Video recording and reporting

Video recording and reporting

Editing and post-production of the material

Editing and post-production of the material

Regardless of sector

We work for restaurants, food brands, hotels, and many other sectors that need to showcase their best dishes.

Palate-focused edition

We photograph and edit the material with a focus on whetting the recipient's appetite.

Increase your sales

Your dish is good, but it must reach people in the most appetising way possible. Good photographs can increase your sales.

Why choose us?

Highly experienced in gastronomic and food photography.

Experience in food photography is essential, as there are many details to take into account. Lighting, props, lens types, etc.

Effective customer communication

It is important to know and understand the needs of each person we work with. If we know what you want, we can do a better job, which is why we strive for strong communication.


We have professionals dedicated to every part of the photography and video process. Photographers, camera operators, editors, etc.

Technical team

We work with the latest technology in photography, video cameras, etc. to capture every detail of your dishes and food.

We have collaborated with the following entities

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Caixa Bank
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Roca Junyent
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Corporate Events

We work in all types of corporate events such as:

  • Fairs
  • Press conferences
  • Presentations
  • Award ceremonies
  • Cocktails
  • Conferences

Gastronomic photography service in Madrid

Have you ever seen a picture of a steak, a salad or a slice of strawberry shortcake that made your mouth water? Images like these are expert creations food photographers

These artists work hard to make their viewers crave a dish without the aid of the food's appealing presence, taste, aroma and texture. 

Food photographers work to create and capture these beautiful and tantalising food images for magazines, cookbooks, restaurant promotional materials and websites. 

What is food photography?

Food photography is an area of photography in which food photography is an area of that food is photographed as the main subject of the still images.. A subset of commercial photography, the images are then used in product packaging, cookbooks, billboards, marketing materials and more. 

In today's digital marketplace, images are often used for websites, newsletter banners and social media accounts as well. Because food can be a difficult subject (getting cold, melting or losing lustre quickly), food photography is collaborative. 

That is, prop stylists, food stylists, lighting specialists and designers work to help food photographers optimise the moment of the shot. 

At one point in history, the gastronomic photography service had a bad reputation. Stylists were caught using inedible materials that looked like food, but were not. And photographers learned that they could manipulate the size of the plates, which disappointed consumers. 

But today, professional food photography services focus on making food look natural, accurate and attractive.

Types of gastronomic photographs

These are some of the most common types of gastronomic photos that are often captured:

Product photos

As the name suggests, it focuses entirely on the food itself. This type of photo stands out for showing a clean and sharp image. Its use is usually related to advertising.


It is oriented towards the beauty of the dish. It offers a simple, flat background and avoids any other element within the shot that might distract attention from the food.


This type of photo is very common to disseminate educational content about the preparation of a recipe. It is usually perfect for recipe books, blogs or cooking schools.

Should you hire a professional photographer?

It may seem to many that photographing a pasta dish or dessert is not that difficult, and you can do it yourself.

Professional photos are significantly different from what you take yourself. The camera on your phone or the camera in a amateur will not help you to achieve high quality images.

Not only knowledge about shooting is important, but also professional photographic equipment. You need special lighting, quality lenses, skills to work with them and, of course, artistic taste.

Advantages of requesting a gastronomic photography service

The professional food photographer knows the nuances of working with products that most people have no idea about.. These little secrets help him to create appetising images that convey the beauty of the food. 

The gastronomic photographer easily finds the most favourable angle and lighting and skilfully balances the elements in the frame.

It is also vital to know how to capture fleeting moments. Some dishes must be photographed quickly, as they "live" for only a few seconds/minutes. For example, cappuccino loses its original appearance very quickly: bubbles appear on the skin.

A food photographer pays close attention to detailIf you know where to save or add something, turn it around. These are minor changes, but they significantly affect the aesthetics of the photo. 

In addition, a person who has never dealt with food photography will find it difficult to compose elements and create the right atmosphere.

Worth the investment

As any restaurateur knows, margins in the business are tight. But good food photos are as important as a great chef. As some people say: "First we eat with our eyes".

More than pretty pictures

Behind every successful product, there is a story to tell. And this starts with great photography. 

Having worked with big brands and small restaurants and everything in between, the big-name photo service providers know the secrets to creating dazzling images that are drool-worthy and result in higher sales. 

Professional food photography is not just about creating beautiful images; there is an art to making customers fall in love with your cuisine and call to action. 

Professional gastronomic photography services

Food has become a popular photographic subject.. People take photos of food not only for themselves, but also to share them through various social media channels. 

But a beautifully composed photo is more useful and far more inspiring than words can explain. This is where a professional food photographer comes in. 

Through years of experience, professional photographers acquire a flair for creativity that allows them to create mouth-watering images that accentuate the beauty of the food. 

As professional food photographers, they have an eye for detail that dictates the most favourable angle, lighting and focus points to skilfully balance the elements in the frame.

Work with the best company for your next gastronomic photo shoot.

Before taking photos of your food to promote or broadcast, make sure you contact a photography company with the necessary experience and professionalism. 

To be confident that the general public will receive the best presentation of what you want to showcase, the photo service must have images that appeal to the appetite, are well lit and represent the brand in its entirety. 

Generally speaking, this type of work cannot be left to just anyone, as it is a complex job.