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Corporate Photography | Corporate Portraits Personal Branding

Do you want to transmit your professionalism through photography and thus give the image you want your customers to see?

We love this type of photography because we get the best out of each person by empathising and seeing how you want to see yourself. We capture the best version of each person who gets in front of our camera.

We are professionals and we will guide you through the whole process of corporate photography and personal branding.

How can we help you with your corporate portrait session?

Personal image studio

Personal image studio

Styling, make-up and hairstyling

Styling, make-up and hairstyling

Professional studio photography

Professional studio photography

Mobile photo studio 

Mobile photo studio 

Video recording, reporting or interviews

Video recording, reporting or interviews

Editing and post-production of the material

Editing and post-production of the material

Contact and research

We invite you to a virtual coffee and we will do some research together: your current image and your ideal image according to your professional profile, environment, goals, etc. 

You will gain self-esteem and confidence

We will bring out the best in you and immortalise it. A photography session can boost self-confidence and help leadership.

Improve your professional relationships

Many people do not realise that image is in most cases a determining factor in working relationships. A good image will give you a great advantage in the work and professional field.

Why Nicoleta Lupu?

Extensive experience in personal branding and corporate portrait photography.

We have dozens of professionals who have passed through our studio to improve their professional image through photography, styling, image coaching, etc. Personal image is much more complex than it seems, which is why we offer this service especially dedicated to it.

Effective communication with you

It is essential to get to know you, empathise with you, get to know your professional background and objectives. In this way we can make a study and take the most appropriate photographs for your case, choosing the ideal moments and places for the corporate photography session.


Nicoleta Lupu has a team of professionals focused directly on styling, personal image coaching, wardrobe studies, etc. We don't just take photos, we provide a complete image enhancement service.

Technical team

We work with the latest technology in photography, video cameras, etc. in order to capture every detail of your personality and professionalism.

We have collaborated with the following companies

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Caixa Bank
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Roca Junyent
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Corporate Events

We work in all types of corporate events such as:

  • Fairs
  • Press conferences
  • Presentations
  • Award ceremonies
  • Cocktails
  • Conferences

Personal branding photography service 

Photography services to create your own personal brand are undoubtedly a great help in marketing today.With so many people offering this service you have to select one of the most important things you have to do. 

Besides, a photograph is the way in which we show ourselves to the world, so it is best that we give the image that we are true professionals, there are many ways to do it through an image, so do not miss the opportunity to acquire this service.  

Why is a personal branding photography service essential?

You can have a website, a logo, colours, typography, a communicative tone and many other resources to demonstrate the essence of a brand. However, once we talk about a personal brand there is something that cannot be missing, the photograph of your face, They say that the face is the mirror of the soul, and that is what your audience wants to see. 

Your expressions, the sparkle in your eyes, grimaces, posture, all of the above conveys much better than any other graphical resourceYou want to tell: who you are, what values you have, what you know, everything that is really important. Having a photo shoot every so often, once you notice that your brand has changed, you have grown and you want to convey new ideas is substantial.

 Once we talk about personal branding on the web, photography is our letter of introduction to others. The first thing our audience will see about us on the networks is our profile picture, which makes it our first act of communication.

 Our brain processes an image much faster than a written document, hence the value of protecting our photographs in particular in order to gain the trust of others. The photographs we use for our own profiles should stand out from the rest and at the same time demonstrate that we are experts. 

It is a no-brainer to say that we should never use photographs from our private lives to present ourselves to the professional cosmos, although it never hurts to remember this. Although our photograph may not indicate our own skills or professional background, it does speak of our personality and our desire to project our image. 

Details must be protected such as the body's reaction to the camera, our outfit or the lighting and colour of the photograph.

 Basic tips for good photography for your professional brand

 In order to project an optimal image that contributes to the cost of our personal brand, we need to The possibility of following a sequence of tips, but the best one is to use common sense:

  • It aspires to be authentic. 

Expectations that are generated must be subtle and the surprise component must be avoided.. Using a present photo that fits our common image code is a coherent bet. 

We should dress as if we were going to work and try to ensure that the image we project in our photograph is faithful and consistent with the truth.

  • The face is a fundamental part of the photo. 

This may seem obvious, but it is all too often ignored - the purpose of our profile picture is for people to see who we are. If our audience cannot get a good view of our face, the photograph will be meaningless. 

Ideally, our face should be clearly distinguishable, therefore it is not advisable to use full body shots or close-up shots. A shot above the waist is ideal. 

Similarly, wearing a hat of any kind is also not offered and should be tried, in the size that we are able, that the hair does not cover our face.

  • It projects a close image. 

If we make ourselves available and friendly, our profile picture will get a warmer reception.. An affable expression or a small smile is the precise point at which we should place ourselves, and remember that a smile is not a laugh.

  • Neutral background and environment. 

Depending on how we use it, the background could be productive or harmful, the protagonist of the photo is clear, so it is advisable to avoid backgrounds that confuse or distract attention and go for those that generate a pleasant contrast. This will make it easier to make our figure popular and get our audience to put the focus where it really matters. 

However, never use a white background, otherwise the photograph will look fake.

  • Use the same image on each of the social networks. 

If we want to be recognised quickly on each of the social networks, we must use the same photo. In other words, desirable if you want to project a uniform image of yourself and be consistent with your personal brand..

  • Look at the camera. 

Eye contact is one of the most relevant ways we humans have to communicate. If we look away, we are building a disconnect between ourselves and the individual viewing our photograph, and that can undoubtedly create the opposite impact to the one we want.

Photography services for personal branding. 

In this type of services, you will have all the information we have already told you above but perhaps much more extensive.. They will help you decide what you want to show the public and how you want them to remember your brand. 

Because yes, even if you are selling products and you have an amazing logo, you are also the face of your personal brand. That's why these photography services for your brand will give you the solution you need without any additional hassle. 

So now you know, if you want to have a really professional brand, think seriously about hiring these photography services that will surely help you a lot.