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Photo book for actors in Madrid

The entertainment and acting industry is very competitive and you need to be on top of your game with all the details.

You need a book made by professional photographers, that understand the industry and help you achieve the best result.

How do we get you a more professional acting book?

Photography and video specialised in books for actors

Photography and video specialised in books for actors

Mobile photo studio

Mobile photo studio

Editing and post-production of the material

Editing and post-production of the material

Aimed at professional interpreters

This photography service is 100% aimed at actresses and actors, professional or amateur, who want to break into the industry.

We know what you are looking for

We know what you need in your book to make an impression wherever you go.

Professional result

We know the result you are looking for, we know the industry standards and we know what works.

Why choose us to make your photo book?

Extensive experience in photographing books for actors

Contar with aa amplia experiencia conducting books of actors in a professional manner is isatcial, pues withocemos every detail of the process y you podemos aconsejar at base a nuestra experiencia.

Effective communication

In order for you to get the best result and have an experience of 100, it is important to know yourself well and connect with you.


We have a team of photographers who love what they do and want to bring out the best in you.

Technical team

We have the best technology to take the best photographs. We also have a mobile photo studio that allows us to take pictures anywhere.

Corporate Events

We work in all types of corporate events such as:

  • Fairs
  • Press conferences
  • Presentations
  • Award ceremonies
  • Cocktails
  • Conferences

Frequently asked questions

Photo book service for actors

Your photo book will be the first contact you make with the casting director. If your main goal in life is to become an actor or actress, you should contact a specialised photographer. 

When it comes to defining what you want to show at an acting level, the ideal is to ask for a photo book service for actors professionals to bring out the best in you.

The best opportunities don't usually visit us more than once in a lifetime. An extra book is your best introduction. If you waste the opportunity by submitting poor quality photos, you may well never get another one.

Is it necessary to hire a professional service for an actor's photo book?

Your images should look authentic and naturalOtherwise, you will disappoint the casting director as soon as he or she sees you in person.

This is why you should hire a professional photography service that guarantees the use of all resources in order to bring out the best in you. It is essential that the photographer in charge has knowledge in all fields of photography.

Make a good approach, use the light strategically, choose the background and wardrobe that best suits you, know how to combine colours, advise you on make-up and guide you through your emotions to achieve the most natural poses.

Casting photos of actors

Although it may seem that all casting calls are the same, nothing could be further from the truth. It is not the same to go to a casting to work in TV, to be in a commercial or to make a film. According to the type of focus of the casting, the photo book should be different because the demands of the director are different.

Don't say goodbye to the opportunity of a lifetime. Contact a company that provides a photo book service for actors quality.

What are performance portraits?

Acting close-ups are a type of portrait photography used by actors and actresses to help them secure acting roles. Casting directors commonly use headshots to help decide whether applicants have the physical appearance and attitude to get the role. 

Portraits of actors focus on show the subject's facial featuresThe emotional range and the ability to nail a certain expression in your photos.

A great headshot can help an aspiring actor or actress stand out from a pile of other audition applications.

Is it important to have a professional acting photo book?

Have you ever met someone you instantly liked or disliked?

Maybe you knew why you felt that way about them, maybe you didn't, but most people are prone to generating "first impressions" of other people in just 1/8th of a second. These first impressions can have a dramatic impact on who they hire, buy from and listen to.

In performance, particularly for those who are just starting out, the casting directors use headshots to make a split-second decision on who they will allow to audition for their roles.

Therefore, it is smart to invest in the right photography service that will open doors for your career.

How should I prepare for acting portraits?

There are three keys to preparing for your headshot in advance.

First, if possible, try to get some sleep, exercise and sun in the weeks leading up to your shoot. The editing team will usually retouch your selected photos before handing them over to you, but your preparation will help ensure that the photos look as natural as possible.

Secondly, make sure you briefly wear the desired clothes a couple of days before the session. You should make sure that your clothes still fit well and do not need dry cleaning.

Thirdly, take a look at some of your previous photos and see if there are any that you particularly like. When you get to the studio, show those photos to your photographer, and that will help to find an angle that is flattering to you.

What if I am not photogenic or hate having my picture taken?

You don't have to worry at all, as it's a big part of our job to make you feel comfortable, let go and relax. As we have told you before, the job is not just about taking pictures with a camera. There has to be a good synergy between the model and the photographer.

Are you ready to prepare your photo book?

Undoubtedly, in order to be successful when presenting your photos at a casting, you depend to a large extent on the work of the photographer. In this sense, you should not hesitate to make the investment and request the services of a professional who can make the most of all the artistic and technical resources.

The best thing to do in these cases is to avoid taking amateur photographs, which can result in a real disaster and can cause you to lose the acting opportunity of a lifetime. The professional perspective that a specialised photographer can offer you will never compare with the subjective judgement of an amateur.

Avoid the temptation to have professional photos taken by a family member or friend. Investing in a professional photographer can be a bit expensive but it will always be worth it as you are guaranteed to get the best results.