Hi everyone, my name is Nicoleta, creator and main photographer of Nicoleta Lupu Agency, a photography and video agency. I started in the world of photography more than 12 years ago in Transylvania at first as a hobby but when I saw that it was by far the most interesting thing for me, I started taking specialisation courses and start working as a professional photographer abroad in cities like Madrid, Milan, Paris, London or New York.

After seeing such positive feedback from my clients, the appreciation and joy of when seeing themselves through my lenses, with the work and several international exhibitions I realised how much I liked what I was doing. I discovered that while it was difficult or stressful at times, it was at the same time something fantastic, spontaneous and authentic, a privilege and an honor that people would let themselves be captured in an instant of their lives.

Over the years I developed the business with collaborators who felt the same passion for the audiovisual world and we created Nicoleta Lupu Agency, where we try to give our clients all our passion and creativity in their photography and video projects, as well as our experience in professional photography in London and worldwide.

What I’ve discovered in all these years is that the best way to obtain great photos is communicating and empathising with the models, since sometimes without previous experience or even worst, a bad experience, a photo session can be stressful. We help you to really enjoy it, relax and feel confident in addition to having a good time. The rest comes naturally, the good light comes from within…

Our experience in photography already covers a very wide field: social events and photoshoots for personal branding, weddings, portrait, product, gastronomy, photoshoots for actors and models, which allows us to provide a plus of creativity and the necessary experience to give a special touch to the final result. We guarantee an impeccable, creative and professional work, something special thanks to the light, the point of view and in general the quality of the photographic work.

What services we offer

FotografĂ­a profesional

Personal branding Photography
Wedding Photography
Corporate photography
Team & Office Photography
Real estate Photography
Event Photography
Food Photography
Industrial Photography
Commercial Photography
Architectural Photography
Aerial photography
Sports Photography
Artistic photography
Photoshoot (actors and models)

Video y reportajes

Video and reports
Corporate video
Sports Video
Testimonial video
Video interviews
Food Video
Industrial Video
Aerial video
Product video
Social Networking Video
Videobook (actors and models)


Because we are nice 🙂 (PERSONALIZED ATTENTION)

We love people and we really love what we do. The friendly treatment in our agency is the first and most important thing, all the projects are made with people and what better than to have a good time while we are at it? You will feel welcomed, respected and cared from the first moment.

Because we are fast (SPEED AND FLEXIBILITY)

We have very fast delivery times (even instant delivery if it is an event and you need it for the press release). Tell us if you need it urgently and we will adapt 100%.

Because we like travelling for work (INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE)

We are a very multifaceted team, coming from various cultures and continuously traveling for our work. We speak plenty of languages and are happy to adapt to any culture.

(Because we are obsessed .. with perfection) THE BEST IMAGE QUALITY

We use the best technology in cameras, computers, editing software and lighting

(Because we live in the present moment) ADAPTATION TO THE NEWEST

Because we love what we do so much, we are always up to date with the latest in image, both technology and marketing trends.

Our team We will contact you and answer any questions you may have.

Photographer and stilist

Nicoleta Lupu

Photographer and stilist
Photographer and camera operator

Daniel Jimenez

Photographer and camera operator
Photographer and image retouching

Victor Morales

Photographer and image retouching
Camera operator

Constantin Popescu

Camera operator
Photographer and image retouching

Laura Ruano

Photographer and image retouching
Photographer and graphic designer

Javier GarcĂ­a

Photographer and graphic designer

Do you want to make an original gift? What better than a photo session?

We all want to have a good memory of ourselves, a professional portrait is a great way to present ourselves to the world with our best version, it helps to raise self-esteem and to be more confident.

Our Customers

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revista capital
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Roca Junyent
Caixa Bank
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Presencia International
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