Professional Photoshoots in London

The photographies are a letter of introduction for actors, models and artists in general. In this situation a professional photoshoot is an investment and not an expense, it is what will make the casting directors notice you.

A photoshoot made by a professional photographer will give you that point of perfection, that powerful, mysterious look, and all that range of emotions that will lead you to be the first option.

We are used to working with many actors and models, casting directors and agencies, so we guide you so that together we can highlight those features that will call attention and take you on the road to success.



The actor’s photos are essential when they are chosen for the most important roles. In order for casting directors to notice you, you must first send a professional portofolio. You have to show a varied range of expressions and feelings, depth and freedom in manifesting your versatility.

We accompany and guide you at all times to bring out the best of you and help you succeed in your career (or continue to do so if you are already there 🙂


If you are starting out in the world of fashion and want to go far and get casting directors to notice you, you need no matter what, a professional portfolio. Afterwards, you won’t need it more than once because if you do it well, all the work you will get will be photography that you will be able to integrate in your portofolio and you will be paid for it.

So the first one is the most important, the one that agencies will see, the one that will present you to the world so don’t do it as an amateur and hire a professional photographer, believe me, it will make the difference.


If you are an athlete who lives intensely the day to day and want to have a good portofolio for your web, networks or simply because you want to have the best photos of your physique, you are in the right place. We do complete photo sessions in 3 steps:

  • Preparing you for the activity you are going to do
  • In full action capturing the moments of maximum intensity and difficulty
  • Portrait, capturing your deepest gaze and your essence

With the photos taken by us you will be able to show, apart from a good aesthetic, your physical condition, elegance, passion and the specific values of this world.


Elegant, energetic and dramatic dance photography is both a visual delight and a study of movement. In order to convey the spirit and skill of our elegant subjects, we photograph youduring movement, showing your elegant gestures by freezing a moment in time.

We pay special attention to the unique ways in which every muscle and every fibre and every expression is involved in a movement.


We all deserve some great photos, regardless of our profession, gender, interests… There has been much abuse of mobile phone photos, amateurs, family, etc … who ̈knows of photography ̈ and in the end the result has done nothing but lowering our self-esteem.

Let me tell you that it is  not your problem, it is a problem of understanding the psychology of photography, of the light well used, of understanding the human physiognomy and the empathy of the photographer… So if you want to have some great photos of yourself with the only purpose of having a nice memory, do not hesitate to contact us.


Boudoir photography captures a woman’s most sensual features, regardless of her age, shape or height. All women are beautiful but sometimes badly taken photos distort, we just need to use the right light, angles and ambience and the result will be spectacular, you will look like never before.

You may want a session to have a nice memory of yourself, to give it to your partner/lover or simply to enjoy the experience, whatever the reason, we will take some amazing photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared these FAQs to answer the most common questions about our professional photo book service in Madrid:

If there is any doubt that you do not find in this section you can contact us through our contact form.

“Many, the most, we dedicate our life in search of beauty. But there are people, perhaps the chosen ones, who have learned to find beauty in the search. Photographer Nicoleta Lupu is one of them. In the universe of her photographs it is not that much what we see as what we sense. Nicoleta is evocation, evocation of all that we carry inside of us and, without even knowing it, reminds us that beauty, true beauty, is what lives inside of us, an interior in peace and calm at times, agitated the most.”

Actor: Carlos Olalla

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