Artistic Photography and Therapeutic Portraits

We want to offer you a very complete service of artistic photography and therapeutic portraits. Stay with us and learn a little more about this type of photography and our services.

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Portrait photography is 10% photography and 90% psychology. It is a really fascinating discipline and probably one of the most complex branches of photography and that is because it does not have much to do with technical photographic skills. It has to do with social skills, some very specific: empathy, humanity, respect, appreciation.

In the case of artistic portraiture, we are looking for light, mystery and depth in the people we ARE photographing.

The portrait photographer has to understand human nature: “Who is the person behind the mask? Nicoleta travels in your different psychic and physical dimensions, explores your virtues and delights in your gestures to artistically transcribe the best projection of you.

FotografĂ­a artĂ­stica y Retratos
FotografĂ­a artĂ­stica y Retratos madrid


We are involved in a wonderful therapeutic project, together with some renowned psychotherapists through portrait photography we help patients identify, accept and improve themselves, always from a friendly and positive attitude towards their body.

“This therapeutic activity helps develop greater self-confidence in the person, security in controlling their emotions and to value positively their own self-esteem”

(Cosden and Reynolds, 1982; Stevens and Spears, 2009).

We talk about the power of photography as a tool for personal exploration.

Fotografía terapéutica

Our body is the interface with the world, it cannot be belittled, detested or criticised. As Spinoza said, there does not have to be a duality of body and mind, we are a whole.

We have to support, love, care and discover our bodies permanently and with the help of photography we help discover unexpected realities, to get out of the vicious circle and the automatism of self-criticism and disconnection.

Nicoleta sees beyond what you show, she looks for you and finds you in ways that you were not aware existed, she pampers you and accompanies you in the search for your deepest self.

She knows how to observe what you cannot see in yourself, she guides you towards the mindsoul-body connection, in conclusion towards your inner peace.

An observant, analytical photographer…who knows how to bring out the energy that you did’t even know you had, she knows what you need before you know it yourself.

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